• The SELECTCO2 Project
    Selective Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 to High Value Chemicals

    This European funded project will develop enhanced electrolysis devices enabling CO2 to be converted into high value chemicals.
    Specifically it will improve selectivity, efficiency and durability of electrochemical CO2 conversion into either carbon monoxide, ethanol or ethylene.
    The immediate focus will be on the highly economically attractive chemicals industry, with the long term goal of using this as a stepping stone towards the fuels industry.

  • The SELECTCO2 Consortium
    Nine partners experts in the field

    The consortium is a unique collection of partners from academia (Denmark Technical University,Technical University of Berlin and Delft University of Technology) which is optimally suited for TRL 2-4 projects.
    On the other hand, a large industry partners (DENORA) and life cycle analysis agency (RINA-C) will help develop routes towards higher TRL levels whereas PRETEXO will ensure the results from this project are disseminated to the proper outlet channels. All partners are experts in the field in which they will be focusing on in this project and all have over a decade of experience in their field of expertise.

Overall Objectives

SELECTCO2 aims to contribute to the electrification of the chemicals industry through the development of highly selective and efficient devices for the conversion of CO2 to high value products at low temperatures and pressures. It is well known in the chemicals industry that costs due to separations can amount to 60-80% of the total costs of the chemicals. This same general cost percentage holds in bio-based chemicals as well Electrochemical CO2 Reduction (ECO2R) allows the unique ability to start with a single reactant in CO2 and use catalysis to build up selectively to a given molecule. Direct conversion to a specific product allows for the mitigation or even elimination of separation costs and can greatly reduce the costs of producing a given chemical.

News - Events

SELECTCO2, last meeting at TU Berlin, March 2023

The last progress meeting of the SELECTCO2 project has been hosted at TU Berlin during 2 days, the 7th and 8th of March 2028. This meeting was the opportunity to share the latest results and discuss the upcoming exploitation activities.

SELECTCO2, in Chemical and Engieering news magazine, March 2023

... Common targets include ethanol and ethylene—C2 compounds. Sargent explains that his group works on these molecules because ethanol is widely used in automobile fuel. Plus, companies already have methods for turning the alcohol into sustainable aviation fuel. And ethylene, which normally has a large carbon footprint, can be converted to many products, including aviation fuel and polymers. Brian Seger, a physics professor at the Technical University of Denmark, says that SelectCO2, a European Union–based consortium he coordinates, focuses on the same products for the same reasons. The group includes partners from academia and national laboratories, as well as from large companies such as De Nora, an Italian supplier of equipment and materials for industrial electrochemistry...


e-Refinery Symposium - 14-15 March 2022

The e-Refinery Symposium aims to gather in person for the first time in 2 years to discuss our common interests in scalable electrochemical technologies, with a centered discussion on the interplay between the Delft e-Refinery’s infrastructures and industry’s needs. An important outcome is to come to an understanding of key challenges, opportunities and needs for the coming five years, and how current governmental funding strategies can support these conclusions. As part of the program, members from the EU Project SELECTCO2 will engage these diverse stakeholders regarding the findings and future implications of their research.

    • Location: Theatre de Veste,Delft, Netherlands
    • Date: March 14th and 15th 2022


NanoGe Fall meeting - 18-22 0ctober 2021, report

The SELECTCO2 consortium organised a symposium during the online NanoGe Fall meeting on 18-20 0ctober 2021 - #SolCat21 - (Photo-)Electrocatalysis: From the Atomistic to System Scale

The #SolCat21 symposium provided an excellent opportunity to disseminate some of SelectCO2’s research and outputs. Organizing the symposium in late 2021 allows the consortium to see the state of the art in the field, only a few months before a Stakeholder Engagement Meeting allowing a clear and sharp discussions with stakeholders on how accelerate this technology the most rapidly.



Process of assembling and testing low temperature CO2 electrolysis devices at DTU

  • Up Next Demonstration of Reactor #1
    Process of assembling and testing low temperature CO2 electrolysis devices at Denmark Technical...
  • Up Next Demonstration of Reactor #2
    Process of assembling and testing low temperature CO2 electrolysis devices at Denmark Technical...

CO2 Reduction

  • Up Next 1. CO2 reduction - Introduction
  • Up Next 2. CO2 Reduction - Basics of Gas Chromatographs
  • Up Next 3. CO2 Reduction - Preparation of electrodes, gaskets and membranes
  • Up Next 4. Co2 Reduction - Cell assembly
  • Up Next 5. CO2 Reduction - Reactor Set up
  • Up Next 6. CO2 Reduction - Operating Experiment


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