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  • 2022 +

    • NanoGE - International Conference on Frontiers in Electrocatalytic Transformations, València, Spain, 21st - 22nd November 2022
      TUB oral presentation: Efficient NiNC-GDEs for Near Neutral and Acidic CO2 Reduction in a Zero-Gap Configuration, S. Brückner, W. Ju, Dr. P. Strasser

    • NanoGE - MAT-SUS Conference, Barcelona, Spain, 24h-28th October 2022
      TUB oral presentation: A New Mass Transfer Diagnostic Tool for AEM CO2 Reduction, S. Brückner, W. Ju, Dr. P. Strasser

    • 242nd ECS Meeting, 9-13 October 2022, Atlanta, GA
      DTU oral presentation: Using Synchrotron Based X-Ray Analysis to Understand the Influence of Cations on CO2 Electrolysis Performance, S. Garg, A. Moss, Q. Xu, M. Mirolo, J. Drnec, B. Seger
      DTU oral presentation: Pulsed-electrochemical method enhances the local CO2 concentration for efficient CO2 reduction to CO, Q. Xu, A. Xu, K. Chan, B. Seger,
      USurrey presentation: Radiation-Grafted Anion-Exchange Membranes for Reverse Electrodialysis (RED): The Effect of Changing Functional Groups on Key Properties, J. Varcoe, Salam, A. Chakraborty, M. Choolaei, R. Bance-Souahli, and T. Willson
      USurrey presentation: Radiation Grafted Anion Exchange Membranes – Development of Novel Synthetic Strategies for the Optimisation for CO2 Electrolysis Application

    • GDCH Electrochemistry 2022, 27th – 30th September, Berlin, Germany
      TUB oral presentation: Single-Site Ni-N-C Catalyst for Electrochemical CO2 Reduction: Fundamental Kinetic and Structural Parameters of the Active Sites, W. Ju, V. Sudarshan, S. Brückner

    • GDE Symposium 2022, Symposium on Insights into Gas Diffusion Electrodes: From Fundamentals to Industrial Applications, 5th -7th September, Magdeburg, Germany
      De Nora oral presentation: Industrial GDE: Current Applications & Perspectives from De Nora, P. Narangoda, D. Galliani, V. Bonometti, S. Wöllner, J. Stiebich, A. Ramunni, E. Instuli
      TUB oral presentation: Diagnosis of in-plane and though-plane mass transfer in zero-gap MEA electrolyzer for CO2 reduction, W. Ju, S. Brückner, P. Strasser

    • EMEA2022: Workshop on Ion Exchange Membranes for Energy Applications, 20th – 22nd June 2022, Bad Zwischenahn, Germany
      USurrey poster presentation: Optimisation of radiation grafted anion exchange membranes for application in CO2 electrolysis, T.R. Willson, D. Whelligan, B. Oladottir Joensen, C. A. Grion Rodriguez, B. Seger and J. R. Varcoe.

    • 241 ECS meeting, May 29 – June 2, 2022, Vancouver, BC, Canada
      USurrey oral communication: Latest Developments in Radiation-Grafted Anion-Exchange Polymer Electrolytes for Low Temperature Electrochemical Systems, J. Varcoe.

  • 2021 +

    • NanoGE Fall Meeting, 18-20 0ctober 2021 (online)
      DTU oral presentation: What pH effects tell us about electrochemical reaction mechanisms, applications in CO2R, K. Chan
      EPFL oral presentation:
      Modeling CO2 electrochemical reduction kinetics under well-controlled mass-transport conditions, E. Boutin, S. Haussener
      EPFL oral presentation:
      Pore-level structural characterization of morphologically complex CO2RR electrodes, F. Lorenzutti, S. Haussener
      EPFL oral presentation:
      Electrical double layer model reveals the possibility of electrochemical CO2 reduction in acidic environment, S. Liu, J. Gu, X. Hu and S. Haussener
      TUD oral presentation:
      Cation-driven increases in CO2 utilization in a bipolar membrane electrode assembly for CO2 electrolysis, Kailun Yang, Mengran Li, Siddhartha Subramanian, Marijn
      TUD oral presentation:
      Direct imaging of electrocatalytic activity using infrared sensing during water-splitting and CO2 reduction, H.-P. Iglesias van Montfort, T. Burdyny

    • 10th De Nora symposium, 4 October 2021
      TUD invited oral presentation: Investigation of GDE failure at High Current Densities, E. Irtem

    • Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) & Advanced Alternative Fuels, H2020 CLUSTER WORKSHOP, 23/24 September 2021, online
      DTU oral presentation: Project presentation, B. Seger

    • ISE Conference Spring Meeting, 29 Aug - 3 Sept 2021, Online
      TUD oral presentation: E. Irtem, F. van Dockum, J. Middelkoop, T. Burdyny

    • Electrochem2021, Royal Society of Chemistry annual meeting, Online, September 7, 2021
      TUB oral presentation: The Electrocatalytic Dark Side of Solar Fuels and Solar Chemicals, P. Strasser

    • European Fuel Cell Forum, EFCF, July 3, 2021
      TUB oral presentation - award lecture for Christian Schönbein Gold medal: Electrocatalysis – dark of side of solar fuel generation, P. Strasser

    • Department Seminar, Ruhr Uni Bochum, June 24, 2021, Germany
      TUB oral presentation: Free electrons to chemical bonds – the dark side of solar chemicals, P. Strasser

    • 12th European Symposium on Electrochemical Engineering, 13-17 June 2021, Online
      DTU plenary lecture: Electrocatalysis beyond surface reaction energetics, K. Chan

    • ECS Spring online conference, 30 May – 3 June 2021
      DTU oral presentation: Variation in Trends between CO2 and CO Electrolysis at Industrial Relevant Current Densities: B. Seger, M. Ma, C. Rodriguez

    • Workshop on Solid/Liquid Interfaces for Energy Conversion and Storage, 24-28 May 202, Online
      DTU invited oral presentation: The impact of the electric double layer on electrocatalytic processes, K. Chan

    • Workshop on Physics and Chemistry of Solid/Liquid Interfaces, ITCP, Trieste, May 25, 2021
      TUB oral presentation:
      Electrified Interfaces, P. Strasser

    • Thomas Young Center Seminar on Electrified Interfaces, 20 May 2021, Online
      DTU oral presentation: "pH effects" in electrocatalysis, K. Chan

    • Heraeus Seminar on Nanoscale Physics of Electrochemical and Biological Media, 10-12 May 2021, Online
      DTU invited oral presentation: pH effects” in electrocatalysis, K. Chan

    • Workshop Technische Nanokatalysatoren in Industrie und Gewerbe, May 7, 2021, KIT “Nanocatalysis”
      TUB oral presentation: P. Strasser

    • MRS Spring Meeting, 18-23 April 2021, Sustainable Catalysis—Novel Materials for Energy Conversion Beyond Photocatalysis, Online
      TUB oral presentation: Mechanistic studies of the electrochemical CO2 reduction on single site, metallic and hybrid electrocatalysts, P. Strasser

    • ACS Spring Meeting, 5-16 April 2021, Online
      DTU oral presentation: The activity of electrochemical reactions beyond the vacuum approximation, K. Chan
      DTU oral presentation:
      Comparing and contrasting CO2 versus CO electrolysis in gas diffusion electrode reactors, B. Seger, M. Ma, G. Larrazabal
      DTU Invited Talk: Analyzing the Complete Carbon Balance in High Current Density CO2 Electrolyzers, B. Seger 
      DTU Invited Talk: Understanding electrochemical CO(2) reduction on well-defined Cu surfaces and beyond, G. Kastlunger, K. Chan

    • ELCOREL EU project conference on “Scientific and industrial aspects of the electrocatalytic CO2 reduction and oxygen evolution reaction”, 29-31 March 2021, Online
      TUB Keynote: Catalysis and reaction mechanisms of the electrochemical CO2 reduction under pure and mixed feeds, P. Strasser

    • NanoGe Spring Meeting, 10 March 2021, Online
      DTU oral presentation: Unified model of CO2R to CO on transition metal and supported single atom catalysts: Role of dipole-field interactions, S. Vijay, W. Ju, P. Strasser, K. Chan

    • DPG-Frühjahrstagung (DPG Spring Meeting) of the Surface Science Division, 3 March 2021
      DTU poster presentation: Nanostructuring Cu tunes CO(2)R selectivity through the mass transport of products: the example of acetate, H. Heenen

  • 2020 +

    • ECS fall meeting 2020, 4-9 October 2020 – Online Event 
      TUB oral presentation: Mechanistic studies of the electrochemical CO2 reduction on single site, metallic and hybrid electrocatalysts, P. Strasser

    • Weekly seminar series the University of Delaware Chemical Engineering department, 20 October 2020
      DTU oral presentation: A Full Carbon Balance Analysis on High Current Density Electrochemical CO2 Reduction Reactors with Cu Catalysts, B. Seger, M. Ma, E. L. Clark, K. Therkildsen, and I. Chorkendorff

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