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  • NanoGe Fall meeting - 18-22 0ctober 2021, Report +

    The SELECTCO2 consortium organised a symposium - #SolCat21. (Photo-)Electrocatalysis: From the Atomistic to System Scale during the online NanoGe Fall meeting on 18-20 0ctober 2021.
    The consortium (K. Chan - DTU, S. Haussener - EPFL, B. Seger - DTU) organized a dedicated SELECTCO2 symposium (#SOLCAT21: (Photo-)Electrocatalysis: from the atomistic to system scale) at the 2021 NanoGe fall meeting with the aim to i) foster interaction with related ongoing projects at the European level, which address similar targets, and ii) encourage future collaboration and promote exploitation opportunities. This symposium invited contributions on the state of the field in electrochemical reduction of CO2 and beyond, from the atomistic to the device and industrial scale. Symposium topics spanned fundamental mechanistic studies, catalyst design, operando studies, membranes and ionomers, gas diffusion electrodes, membrane electrode assemblies, flow reactors, device engineering, modelling spanning all relevant length scales, relevant experimental and theoretical methods development, and techno-economic analysis. The conference included talks by 12 invited experts, 17 contributed talks, and a poster session. This event gave visibility to the project results, allowed for knowledge transfer outside the Consortium, encouraged future collaboration and favored exploitation opportunities.

    The #SolCat21 symposium provided an excellent opportunity to disseminate some of SelectCO2’s research and outputs. Between ~10 and 20 participants participated in the “question and answer” sessions each time, between ~30 to 60 participants were watching the talks at the scheduled times, and we are expecting that many more saw the talks before (contributed talks were uploaded 1 week in advance of the conference) or after the conference (videos of invited and contributed talks available for 2 additional weeks after the conference). Organizing the symposium in late 2021 will allow the consortium to see the state of the art in the field, only a few months before a Stakeholder Engagement Meeting allowing a clear and sharp discussions with stakeholders on how accelerate this technology the most rapidly.

    Website: https://www.nanoge.org/NFM21/symposia?t=5e4bfebb397fc479c7cd56ee

    Invited Speakers

      • Aimy Bazylak, University of Toronto, Canada
      • Raffaella Buonsanti, EPFL, Switzerland
      • Jillian Dempsey, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
      • Jinlong Gong, Tianjin University, Republic of China
      • Christopher Hahn, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA
      • Yun Jeong Hwang, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea
      • Csaba Janaky, University of Szeged, Hungary
      • Feng Jiao, University of Delaware, USA
      • Marc Koper, Leiden University, The Netherlands
      • Nuria Lopez, ICIQ, Spain
      • Thomas Schmidt, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland
      • >Ana Sofia Varela, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico

    Symposium screenshots

    1)  symp1
    2) symp2
    3) symp3 

    Pictures fleft to right. 1) Jinlong Gong, Sophia Haussener, Csaba Janaky and Thomas Schmidt (clock-wise, Oct 21); 2) Raffaela Buonsanti, Nuri Lopez, Yun Jeong Hwang and Brian Seger (Oct 22), 3) Karen Chan, Jillian Dempsey, Marc Koper and Christopher Hahn (Oct 22).

    Symposium organisers

     Karen Chan Technical University of Denmark (DTU)  Sophia Haussener Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)   Brian Seger Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
  • SELECCO2 at the De Nora symposium, 4 October 2021, Online +

    Throughout the years, this event led to the creation of a global network of universities, national labs, research centers, technology transfer offices, small and large companies. This network set the basis for many important collaborative research projects and participation in industry-academia consortia in the US, Europe, and Japan. Some examples are De Nora’s involvement in NEWT (Nanosystems Engineering Research Center for Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment), NAWI (National Alliance for Water Innovation), WaterEurope; several government-funded projects, such as Elcorel (Electrochemical Conversion of Renewable Electricity into Fuels and Chemicals, closed, EU), SELECTCO2 (Selective Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 to High Value Chemicals, EU), EcoSynBio (Formate as an Energy Source to allow Sugar Fermentation with no net CO2 Generation: Integration of Electrochemistry with Fermentation, ARPA-e); other collaborative projects with great partners such as Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Vanderbilt University, University of Massachusetts, Northeastern University, Arizona State University, University of Turin, Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne University of Utsunomiya, Tokyo Institute of Technology.

    The 2021 edition of the De Nora symposia focuses on strengthening the partnerships and collaborations with the academia on the strategic topics for De Nora: water electrolysis, fuel cells, CO2 reduction, and water treatment technologies. This year’s edition is all condensed in one day and its blended format is meant to connect, virtually, all the four local De Nora's research and development facilities in Japan, Italy, and the US. Each location hosts a local in-person events, compliant to local COVID regulations, which are made available through online streaming for all company’s locations and the invited speakers.

    SELECTCO2 presentations:

    • Invited speaker: Dr. Eng. Erdem Irtem, Delft University of Technology, Investigation of GDE failure at High Current Densities

    De Nora Symposium

    >>> Symposium website

  • From CO2 into fuels : A scientific, industrial, social and political perspective, 4-6 June 2021, Online +

    The eCOCO2 consortium invites you to its interactive webinar addressing challenges and opportunities for introduction of fuels and chemical carriers produced from CO2.
    Join us to discover, discuss, exchange on scientific, industrial, social and political progress towards the industrial deployment of tomorrow's green technologies.

    The two-day event will also focus on the diverse uses of CO2 – chemicals, e-fuels, mineralisation and other market potential, through case studies. The conference participants will be able to take advantage of the different panel discussions and Q&A to gain a deeper understanding of the projects presented and interact both with the speakers and their fellow attendees.
    Join us online this October for a highly interactive & informative conference, whilst enjoying the networking opportunities with your peers.

    >>> Programme PDF


  • SELECTCO2 , last meeting at TU Berlin, March 2023 +

    The last progress meeting of the SELECTCO2 project has been hosted at TU Berlin during 2 days, the 7th and 8th of March 2028. This meeting was the opportunity to share the latest results and discuss the upcoming exploitation activities.

    • Group picture

    De Nora Symposium


  • Kick-off meeting - 27th January 2020, DTU, Lyngby, Denmark +

    SELECTCO2 Kick-off meeting was held on the 27th of January hosted by DTU. All the partners, the EU project officer and the scientific advisory board members were present during a full day of activities' presentations.

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